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Camino Modular Systems Inc. is a leading manufacturer and installer of innovative Raised Access Flooring, Modular Wiring and Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD) Products, which are used in commercial office buildings. Our access floor systems provide the acoustics and feel of slab construction while offering total accessibility with easy to remove light weight panels while reducing tenant fit up costs for:

Raised access flooring can be installed at a variety of heights and permit the use of underfloor air distribution that utilizes the raised floor as a plenum chamber to distribute cooling/conditioned air, perimeter heating and accommodate modular wiring. Camino AirPath 180 System for raised floors provides superior air quality, personal HVAC control and reduced energy consumption in commercial office buildings at no cost premium to the construction budget. Our system is applicable to both new construction and renovation projects. Utilizing access flooring can also contribute to significant LEED credits.

In addition to offering a large range of access flooring and UFAD products Camino Modular Systems offers:

For pre-engineered raised access flooring products to fully engineering UFAD solutions contact Camino Modular Systems