raised access floor

raised access floors


PRODUCT Overview

UFAD has been used for over 50 years throughout Europe, Asia and North America. As an alternative to traditional overhead air delivery in commercial spaces, underfloor air delivery provides some important benefits for both the occupant and facility management professionals. Please contact your Camino Sales Team to verify your specific requirements before specifying any modular floor system.

Occupant Benefits:
  • Cleaner air delivered to the “occupied zone” with less mixing of indoor air pollutants
  • Less absenteeism - studies show up to 5%
  • Personal control of air movement in personal workspace
Facility Management Benefits:
  • Lower fan (air handling) static requirements
  • Less cooling required to condition & deliver 65 F degree (18 C) air temperature under the floor vs. 55 F (13 C) air temperature required with conventional overhead systems
  • Up to 30% operational savings in HVAC energy usage and maintenance costs
  • Less HVAC complaints due to occupant’s personal control capability
  • [Access Floors] are more resilient and more adaptable for managing space reconfigurations and space infrastructure - less cost and time for space remodels
  • Perfectly level floors for easier office furniture & workstation installations

Controlling the building occupant’s comfort is at the center of a UFAD system. Studies show that the occupant’s ability to personally control airflow in their workspace contributes to a more productive workplace with less temperature control complaints. Camino’s unique Vortex Swirl Diffuser serves two critical functions towards the success of underfloor air delivery:

  • Camino’s Swirl Vortex Diffusers optimize the “stratification” of air , leaving the occupied zone (“nose-to-toes”) of the space with cleaner, fresher air for better occupant productivity.
  • Camino’s Personal Airflow Control Slider allows the occupant to adjust the amount of airflow they experience and prefer without affecting the overall space conditions.
swirl diffuser

Daytime solar loads and cold weather must be handled at the source; the “perimeter zone”. Camino manufactures several types of solutions to wash the interior of the curtain wall with either cooling or heating as needed to ensure the optimal control of the building’s interior spaces. Our linear diffusers offer flexibility to handle temperatures ranges from Toronto to Texas.

  • Camino’s Standard Linear Diffusers drop into our system and can be relocated as needed for the desired performance. Our diffusers range from 180 to 250 CFM in Ducted, Non-ducted styles with the option of Variable Air Volume (“VAV”) dampers that easily connect to the buildings central control systems.
  • Camino’s “Continuous Linear Plenum” is a modular kit of parts that create a separate and continuous underfloor plenum zone to control the interior temperature at the building envelope. The system is flexible to accommodate the various requirements such as:
    • CFM output
    • Hydronic or electric fin heat modules
    • Access floor heights from 12” to 24”
    • Camino manufactured continuous linear grilles for a more integrated & finished look.
Drop-in-linear Diffuser Modules
linear diffuser
Drop-in Linear Diffuser Modules
linear diffuser ufad
Continuous Linear Plenum
linear plenum
Continuous Linear Plenum (CLP)
Continuous Plenum