raised access floor

raised access floors

Modular Power Distribution

PRODUCT Overview

Modular Power Distribution is commonly used across the globe to better manage flexible workspaces in offices, data centers, universities and public spaces such as museums, galleries, training centers and libraries:

Occupant Benefits:
  • Easy access to power receptacles & data ports
  • “Hoteling” applications for flexible and mobile occupants

Facility Management Benefits:
  • Lower overall installation costs by maximizing factory labor costs and reducing field labor costs
  • Lower labor costs for re-fit and relocation of electrical service boxes
  • Plug and play power cabling vs. ridged conduit installations
  • Expedited construction schedules means quicker leasing of spaces
  • Increased efficiencies for facility and maintenance staff
  • Underfloor wiring is compatible with plug & play lighting systems typically used in ceiling systems

modular wiring

Camino’s Modular Power Distribution (MPD) system offers connectivity to a variety of furniture systems including Haworth PowerBase systems. Consult with our engineers on the schematics and power requirements to optimize the circuitry and cable lengths with secondary distribution boxes and direct connections that meet your current and future needs. Since modular power can be reconfigured over and over again, there is no waste during remodeling of an existing space.

Camino’ modular power provides the best of ”plug & play” cabling systems.

modular wiring

Modular Wiring has been used safely throughout the world to increase the efficiency of site labor and speed-up the construction and remodeling schedules in tenant and owner occupied spaces. Camino offers two types of popular connector systems which can be factory installed on any of our Modular Power Distribution products. This includes our Power Distribution Boxes (PDB) and Electrical Service Modules. Our Power Supply Modules (PSM) converts the line voltage to low voltage distribution for VAV actuator control of our complete line of Underfloor Air Diffusers while it connects perfectly with the Computer Automated Facility Management (CAFM) controlling zoned HVAC through thermostats and software. camino can also provide quality low voltage control cables for installation convenience.

  • Camino Type 1 Connectors are made by American Cable Systems handling 3 to 8 wire systems with up to 4 circuits per connection.
afc style connector
  • Camino Type 2 Connectors are manufactured in Canada by ElecTec Building Wiring Systems and also handle 3 to 8 wire configurations from 1 to 4 circuits per cable.
electec style connector