raised access floor

raised access floors

Project Management

Raised Access Floor Project Management
Raised Access Floor Project Management
Access Floor
Raised Access Floor Project Management
Office Space
A successful installation of the Camino Access Floor System requires and integrated approach between Architects, Engineers, General Contractor/Construction Managers.
Raised access floors raised access floors project
Our floors are installed with precision and accuracy through construction sequencing, commissioning, quality assurance, mock-ups and testing.
Raised access floor raised access floors

Raised Access Floor Project In-house engineering and access to specialist consultant partners allow Camino to provide a turnkey Raised Access Floor System that includes electrical and mechanical design services. Concise drawings and specifications allow for tendering of related HVAC, electrical, mechanical and architectural components with our raised access floor system. Our pre-engineered solution eleiminates redundancies, reduces construction costs and speeds up the design processes.

raised access floor
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